Julius Blum GmbH (Proprietary)

DYNALOG is a program that renders the planning of cabinets and related fixtures quick and efficient. It also fast-tracks the ordering process for these items. The main program was developed for ease of use, whether by professional interior designers or laymen. One of the program’s innovations is the use of virtual collision checks – with the data and calculations used based on collision checks made in real life -  to ensure feasibility of design and durability of the end product.

The program comprises three main parts: the DYNAPLAN cabinet planner, DYNACAT catalog for electronic products, and the DYNASHOP shopping basket. The first portion gives the user a variety of ways to plan custom cabinets and offers the most appropriate fittings for these. The second section of the program shows the user a comprehensive list of fittings and applications to add to the shopping basket. The last part of the main program essentially bridges DYNACAT and DYNAPLAN by finalizing the user’s order, ensuring aspects of the planning and ordering process – including the packaging of the correct fixtures to the correct storage units – are in place.

DYNALOG was mainly developed for ordering and planning cabinets and fixtures manufactured by Austrian company Julius Blum GmbH, also known as Blum.