Dyn Updater 4.1.10

Dyn, Inc. (Freeware)

Dyn Updater is a utility application that enables users to keep their hostname’s IP addresses updated. This application supports updates of DynDNS free as well as free DNS service hostnames. Dyn Updater provides regular updates to Dynamic DNS hostnames to avoid expiration due to inactivity. This application works by automatically analyzing the computer’s network IP addresses and checking for updates online through the host server. Dyn Updater then downloads the updates and imports it in the network settings. This application also provides an online database in that enables users to view the changes and updates done in their IP addresses and DNS services. Dyn Updater is portable, lightweight, and works almost automatically as a background application. This application only requires installation and minimal configuration settings from the part of the user. It will proceed with updating after installation and automatically opens during startup.

Dyn Updater features a simple user interface that can be accessed from the desktop’s system tray. The application’s main page contains three main control parts. The first part is the main menu located on the left side of the application window. This section displays menu items such as Home, Advanced, Logs, and Help. The next part contains updater settings that show information such as username, last update, current IP address, updater status, and Dyn internet guide. This part also contains links that enables users to change user account, view logs, refresh IP, and start updater manually. The last section is the My Hosts section, which displays all available hostnames and IP addresses. Users my find buttons used to refresh the list and manage hosts in this section.