DxO Optics Pro 7 8.1.5 Build 294

DxO Labs (Shareware)

DxO Optics Pro is an image-enhancement software developed by DxO Labs. It allows users to enhance the quality of images by correcting all detected faults connected to the sensor and lens of the camera. The program can be used to edit, organize, export, and process images (including RAW images) in various ways.

DxO Optics Pro offers the following main features:

• Tailored and Automatic Image Corrections – The application is capable of correcting images automatically as they are opened. Corrections made are specifically tailored to chosen images by considering the lens and camera used to take images. The program is capable of correcting different types of flaws including vignetting, distortion, chromatic aberrations, and more.
• Lens Softness – The application includes a built-in lens softness tool. This tool enables users to sharpen images automatically. When sharpening the image, the application is capable of preserving the bokeh of the images. This helps prevent artifacts from appearing in out-of-focus and homogenous zones.
• Optimization of Contrast and Light – Restoring the balance between the images’ light and dark zones is possible using the program. The program features DxO Smart Lighting, which reveals details of the images under various lighting conditions.
• Denoising – The denoising tool included in the program allows users to restore the true impact of night shots and allow images to attain detailed textures.
• RAW Image Conversion – The RAW converter tool included in DxO Optics Pro allows users to optimize and render RAW images by adjusting details, white balance, colors, and other important aspects of images.

Aside from this, the application also offers color management, geometrical corrections, and dust removal features.