DxO FilmPack v2.0 4.1.0

DxO Labs (Shareware)

DxO FilmPack is an editing program used for adding special effects and filters to photos and images. The program comes with plenty of effects that are similar to the colors achieved when using analog films, such as Fuji, Konika, Kodak, Ilford, Agfa, and many others. Although the program comes packed with features, the interface remains clean and intuitive. Most of the operations can be done with just a click of the mouse.

This application comes with more than 60 film effects. There are also 33 designer presets that users can choose from, including Poetic, Stenope, Photo 60’s, and Red Tone among others. Furthermore, users can add original photo effects with the tools that come with the application. Some of the tools included are listed below:

• Frames – The program comes with several film borders and frames that can enhance an image.
• Textures – Textures can also be added to photos in order to add character. Some of the textures included in the application are crumpled paper, spots, and scratches.
• Color Filters – Colored photos and images can have a black and white effect for a more dramatic look.
• Light Leaks – Adding light leaks to the image can be done to simulate light effects that are achieved when there are light leaks on a film cartridge.