DXLabLauncher 1.9.0

N2AMG (Freeware)

DXLab Launcher is the mother application of the eight interoperable applications under DXLab Suite. It is developed separately by N2AMG to serve the main function of launching all of the other applications through one program. This application also enables the easier upgrade and installation of new DXLab applications, which is good news for both existing and new users.

DXLab Launcher  can also restore currently installed DXLab apps and has the ability to single-handedly stop all the applications in just one mouse click. It has a window that helps users get a glimpse at the state of all seven other applications at once, and also determine what version of each DXLab's application is installed in their PC. Through this functionality, the program can check what apps need upgrades and what upgrades are available in the moment. It can also save and restore the app's Windows Registry settings to a specified file.

DXKeeper's interface is also user-friendly with a small window containing all necessary buttons to manage of the whole DXLab Suite. It has a set of four Group Control Buttons to help users control DXLAb and non-DXLab applications simultaneously. It also has the Start, Terminate, Restore and Minimize functions, as well as seven Individual Application Control Buttons containing shorthand versions of every application that is part of the DXLab Suite. The cmd button stands for Commander, dxk for DXKeeper, dxv for DXView, pf for Pathfinder, pv for PropView, sc for SpotCollector, and ww for WinWarbler.