AA6YQ (Freeware)

DXKeeper is second in line to the File commander in DX Lab Suite's eight interoperable applications. Developed by AA6YQ, it has three main functions that include Logging, QSLing, and Award Tracking.

DXKeeper Logging can import and export ADIF-compliant log files and interoperate with Winwarbler, Commander, DXView, and SpotCollector. This application will first capture a window optimized for operating and then proceed to do multiple logs. Its main database window is also user-friendly and ready for full-expansion. The window also contains buttons that aid in individual enabling and disabling of panels. It also acts as a comprehensive amateur logging software that records and manages QSOs, and extracts crucial contact information from call book CDROMs and

The applications sophisticated QSLing functions can track both confirmation and verification of QSOs alongside CQ Marathon progress for a current year in which it is functional. It can also generate QSL cards (either plain or with background) and labels, generate address labels or print envelopes, provide support for and ARRL's Log book of the World through a once-click upload, one-click download and update, plus independent tracking.

DXKeeper can also function through real time award tracking for all continents including, but not limited to British areas, Japanese cities, and all US States. It can also individually track hardcopy, QSL and Logbook of the World confirmations from each QSO. Final processes include QSL Kind, Aging, and DXCC submission.