Haenlein-Software (Shareware)

DVR-Compress is a powerful program. It has one primary action. It allows user to shrink DVD title sets. It is designed for ease of use and for economy as well. This indispensable utility has the capacity to automatically shrink titlesets and recordings which are bigger than 4.7 Gb. After compression, the size will be reduced to the capacity of one blank DVD only. As such, there is no need then to use several DVDs.

This program is meant specifically to accommodate recordings that are bulky due to the high transmission rates. This program is the solution for fast and advanced compression. This is the utility that can be used to re-edit these oversized files. The compression process is completed within a matter of minutes. Aside from basic compression, all the unnecessary information are all filtered out and removed since they are not needed.

DVR-Compress also has optimization function that lowers the file data volume. This utility is capable of accomplishing this without quality loss. Without the same loss of quality, the process can optimize the file volume to as much as 50%. DVR-Compress takes about 12 minutes to shrink a title set that is about 6 Gb to a 4.7 Gb file. DVR-Compress is the creation of Haenlein-Software.