DVgate Plus

Sony Corporation (Freeware)

DVgate Plus is a video editing, recording, and media player application developed by Sony Corporation. This application provides various editing tools for different movie formats including MICROMV and DVD. Aside from this, it also functions as a movie player and a recorder. The program offers two modes – Output Mode and Capture Mode. Output mode is used for performing basic editing tasks as well as creating output of video data, while the Capture mode is used for capturing videos. This program also comes with selected VAIO laptops.

DVgate Plus also offers import functions. It allows users to import movies from MICROMV, HDV, and DV handy cams to be stored in the local hard drive. The program’s auto-capture feature allows importing of movies by connecting the computer to the DV equipment. Its one-click button automatically takes care of the process including other details such as creating scene lists, restoring frames, and dividing scenes. Users can also select which move scenes to import. A function to import movies as still images is also available. Aside from importing videos, the program can also be used to export movies. After editing the movies using DVgate Plus, the program has a function to export the edited file to different types of equipment.