DVDXCopy XPress

DVDXCOPY.COM (Shareware)

DVDXCopy Xpress by DVDXCOPY.COM is a program that enables users to copy movies, documentary films, and other videos from DVDs. This application may also be used to create backup copies of data discs, or to create multiple copies of video discs for sharing photos and home videos. Users can insert any blank DVD or Blu-Ray disc to copy data from an original DVD.

This application also has the capability to include copying the other data in a DVD. These may refer to menus, titles, subtitles, trailers, bonus videos, languages, and other special features included in the original DVD. Users can copy any DVDs without losing the video and audio quality of the original DVD. This application completely duplicates data, regardless of the quality level and video length. Even copy-protected movies in DVDs can be copied with this application. Furthermore, users may copy DVD movies that are defective or scratched.

One feature of this application is its ability to copy a DVD movie or video in a single blank disc, eliminating the need for two or more discs in copying a DVD movie. It also has a built-in anti-piracy protection feature and provides users with access to live technical and troubleshooting support. DVDXCopy Xpress supports PAL DVD and NTSC DVD movies. DVD types supported are DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, and DVD+RW. All created or copied DVDs can be played in many major DVD players, including desktops and laptops.