Dvdtivi lite

Hitivi (Freeware)

Dvdtivi lite is a video conversion program developed by Hitivi and released on May 2010. The program is a converter tool that allows users to convert their AVI, DivX, and DVD files into other video file formats. Supported file formats include MPEG, MP4, MKV, WMV, AVI, FLV, and XVid, among others. Primarily, the program allows these file formats to be converted into a DVD video file. Users may then burn the video file into a DVD disc.

Dvdtivi lite features a three-step process in converting videos—Add, Customize, and Burn. Adding files may be done using the browse button, or by Drag and Drop. The program can accommodate unlimited number of videos that will fit the DVD disc. It also offers some DVD customization options. Users can change both the video and audio quality. However, higher qualities result in bigger file sizes. Users may likewise configure the sample rate, bit rate, TV screen format, and TV screen standard for better customization. Users may also choose the TV system type between NTSC and PAL, or set the program to choose automatically. When burning, users can choose the DVD burner device to be used, set the DVD name, and burn quality. Users may also check the metadata of loaded video files. Information contained in the metadata includes the video duration, input video format, video resolution, input aspect ratio, and frame per second.