Sonic (Shareware)

DVDINFOPro is a program for viewing detailed information about DVD drives. When the application is launched, it immediately shows information about the system’s default DVD drive. If other drives are in the system, users can choose the name of the drive from a drop down list on the program’s main window to see the information. The application is useful for administrators and advanced computer users.

The drive information is listed at the right hand side of the main window. Some of the information listed includes the serial number, buffer size, connection interface, region control, and the firmware revision. Other data displayed on the main window are the drive supported read features, drive supported write features, and the drive general features. Each section lists several components with each component having a circle beside it. Circles that are shared in green, red, or blue are supported by the DVD disk drive. Aside from showing DVD information, DVDINFOPro can also perform system tests of the RAM size, the media codes, and send custom commands. It also displays other system information like the partitions, installed hardware, operating system, and the network.

Other features of the program are:
• Provides detailed information about the system and the DVD drive
• Leaves minimum footprints on the computer
• Performs system tests in just a few minutes