DVDIdle Pro

Fengtao Software Inc. (Shareware)

DVDIdle Pro is a software solution with both functionalities of DVD Idle and  DVD Region+CSS Free. CSS or Content Scramble System is a protection mechanism that prevents playing of a DVD on non-compliant players. This allows the DVD industry to push for a certain standard such that companies that aim to develop compliant devices will require a license.  The DVD Region+CSS Free takes out this limitation and allows any user to play and even copy any CSS-encrypted or region coded DVD movies found in any DVD drive. The software works on the background to make any DVD appear like CSS Free, thus any utility DVD player or DVD copy program can read it.

DVDIdle Pro also contains the DVDIdle software that helps extend the lifetime of DVDs by saving the DVD data into the hard disk’s cache or computer memory. With this, the DVD is able to rest. Instead of spinning for the whole duration of a 90-minute movie, the software can make the DVD work for only 15 minutes at 6 times the speed of a DVD drive. Other key feature of this solution includes its ability to remove User Operation Prohibition (UOPs) from DVDs, which allows users to make modifications such as changing the soundtrack and hiding subtitles.