DVDFab Virtual Drive

Fengtao Software Inc. (Freeware)

DVDFab Virtual Drive is an emulator that enables users to access and play DVD and Blu-ray content by means of a virtual drive. The program is used to mount DVD and Blu-ray disc images (ISO) backed up in the user’s PC. By using DVDFab Virtual Drive, one can play DVD and Blu-ray discs without the need to access the PC’s physical disc drive.

DVDFab Virtual Drive can emulate up to a maximum of 18 drives, meaning it can accommodate 18 DVD or Blu-ray disc images. The number of drives can be selected by the user upon installation. A user may also choose to allow the program to run during startup.

To use DVDFab Virtual Drive, the first step would be to right-click the program’s icon located on the system tray of the taskbar. A user would then select an empty drive (represented by letters followed by a colon) where the disc image would be mounted. Click the “Mount” command to accomplish this task. Afterwards, the user would now see the disc image’s label on the selected virtual drive. The user may now play the mounted disc’s content by a compatible media player. A user can also access a previously mounted disc image by right-clicking the program icon on the system tray, selecting “Recently Used Images” and then clicking on the desired filename to remount the disc image.