DVDFab Gold

Fengtao Software Inc. (Shareware)

DVDFab Gold is an application primarily used creating backup copies of DVD videos on the computer. When this program is used, the entire DVD is copied and saved on the computer. These include the actual DVD film and all of the disc’s added contents, like the menus, added features, and trailers. The application also has the ability to remove any copyright protection from the contents of the DVD so it can be copied. When DVD files are copied using this application, the same quality of the original source is retained in the copied files. While the program allows copying of all of the DVD’s contents, the user can also choose to only copy the main video in the disc and not the additional contents. While the program’s interface can be navigated well by expert users, beginners can be assisted by the “smart wizard” in every step of the duplication process.

To use DVDFab Gold, the user needs to first load the DVD, after which the file for copying is inputted into the interface. This can be done through the software’s file browser function. After that, the output file is specified immediately. The main pain of the interface is then divided into tabs. These tabs represent the chapters in the DVD, as well as the additional contents. Each chapter has a box. This box can be unticked by the user if that chapter should not be part of the output file.