DVDFab 8 Profile Editor

Fengtao Software Inc. (Freeware)

DVDFab 8 Profile Editor is a standalone program released in August 2008. It serves as a utility program that would work with devices not supported by the DVDFab 8 program. DVDFab 8 Profile editor enables users to create their device or program profiles. Aside from creating profiles, users may also edit pre-existing profiles and share it with other users. A profile is a specific set of information about a particular program or software that enables users to fully understand how a particular program or device works. Profiles contain information such as the device or program name, the version, the manufacturer or developer, etc. Profiles are usually created in XML format. XML or Extensive Markup Language is a Unicode markup language that is readable by both humans and machines.

DVDFab 8 Profile Editor’s interface is divided into various sections. First section contains the profile selection section, which has command buttons for creating a new profile, or modifying a pre-existing profile. It also has a “share profile” option that would allow a user’s profile to be shared in the DVDFab website. The second section shows the profile name or “Author” section, which shows the profiles’ name and its author’s name respectively. Third section is device section, which contains an extensive list of devices such as mobile phone brands, browsers, and operating systems. This list enables a user to choose which supporting device shall be included in the profile.

The fourth section includes a video settings page, which allows a user to manipulate the settings for a video such as frame rate, resolution, and codec. The fifth section contains the audio settings that allow the user to change the quality configurations of an audio content of the profile.

Other sections include the Format section, which lists the containers and encoding formats for the profile and an “Advanced Settings” section for more knowledgeable users.