DVD2one 2.4.2

DVD2one (Shareware)

DVD2One is a program that facilitates DVD copying, merging, and backup work. This tool simplifies the process of copying the movie while removing extras, bonus footage, and subtitles on a DVD. The only step required is making sure that there is a backup of the movie being processed. If the user prefers, a full backup of the entire DVD can be done with a few clicks of the mouse. Another option is to combine two movies on one DVD. It is even possible to remaster an audio collection for placement in a single DVD.

The backup procedure merely calls for selection from among three options provided in the main menu. The next step is to browse the disc with the aid of the built-in Finder tool. The last step is to begin burning the DVD by clicking on the green button. It is important to remember that aside from its ability to rip the DVD to the hard drive, DVD2one has a built-in burning engine. Unlike other compressing software, it does not need third-party software to burn content onto another disc.

Key features include:

• Ability to quickly compress DVD-9 movies into one DVD-R, or DVD+R, DVD-RW, and DVD+RW
• Fully compatible with multi-processor, multi-grid, and multi-core environments
• Batch-processing of up to 50 discs without user intervention is available
• CD on DVD remastering with Super CD quality  
• Media players, DVD players, and PS3 are supported