DVD X Player 5.5.0

DVD X Studios (Shareware)

DVD X Player is a region-free DVD player that enables users to play any region-coded DVD movies. DVD X Player also supports playback of CSS-encrypted DVD movies. This program can also play video files from several video file formats including WAV, ASF, MOV, and WMA, among others. This program also supports traditional DVD file formats including DVD, VCD, and DivX. DVD X Player also supports Real, QuickTime, and Macromedia Flash file formats. DVD X Player is a program developed by Aviosoft and released on December 2012.  

DVD X Player enables users to record DVD movie files into an MP3 audio file or an MPEG2 video file. This software also features Smart Stretch that enables users to playback a video in 16:9 aspect ratio without distortion. Users can also watch videos either in window mode or full screen mode, as well as Letter box and Pan and Scan mode. This program also supports several audio systems including Digital Theater System (DTS), Dolby Surround, Dolby Digital (5.1), and multi-channel decoding up to 7.1. This software also features visualization effects that include multi-colored wave patterns and shapes that transform in time with the music or the audio track. This program also features Desktop Video that enables the user to multitask. This software also features viewing configurations as to Lightness, Saturation, Hue Color and Contrast.