DVD X Copy

321 Studios, Inc. (Shareware)

DVD X Copy is a program that enables users to create a backup of their DVD disc. This program is used in burning DVD data such as videos, movies, and music into a blank DVD using a burning device. DVD X Copy also contains features that is capable of copying disc images such as ISO into DVDs. This program is capable of creating multiple backup discs of DVD along with a dedicated optical disc burner. DVD X Copy contains a feature that is used in decrypting the CSS or Content Scrambling System in commercially available DVD movies. The Content Scrambling System is a built-in security feature in most DVD products that encrypts the disc’s contents to prevent it from being copied by unauthorized users. This feature has spurred controversy amongst media distributors and movie studios that caused the production of DVD X Copy software to be shut down in 2004.

DVD X Copy features a simple user interface that has two main parts. The first part is the drive list, which displays all DVD drives that can be copied to a black disc. The program automatically detects all DVD discs that are inserted in the computer’s disc or burning drives. The next part contains the command buttons that execute actions in the program. These buttons include Close, Back, and Next. Users would need to select a drive that needs to be burned, click next, and then the program would automatically proceed with the copying process.