DVD Shrink

DVD Shrink (Freeware)

DVD Shrink is a DVD transcoder application used in ripping DVD disks for backing up DVD movies. The purpose of this program is to minimize the stored data on a DVD disk with minimum quality loss. This program will copy the contents of a DVD to the computer hard drive. It can be used in conjunction with a DVD burning program.

The program offers Adaptive Error Compensation and Deep Analysis options when compressing DVDs. These two will improve the quality of the compressed DVD. The DVD Shrink application also features Compressed Domain Video Processing Technology. This technology prevents full re-encoding and decoding of video streams.

The DVD Shrink program has two modes – Full Disk and Reauthor. The Full Disk mode creates an identical copy of a DVD without any changes. Selecting/deselecting audio or subtitle streams are also possible in this mode. This mode can also replace DVD sections (e.g. titles/logos) with still image files to save space. Manual or automatic compression options are available in the Full Disk mode. This provides compression selection for Special Features/Menus.

In the Reauthor mode, users can choose specific DVD elements to retain in the final compressed output. If the Main Title is the only element selected, manual compression is not available. However, if other features are also chosen, compression may be done manually.

Both modes provide options in facilitation of the removal of User operation prohibition and CSS copy protection. DVD region code may also be removed when using this program. Other contents that can be removed with this program are subtitles and audio tracks. However, removing the entire content of the DVD is not possible with this program.