DVD Region Killer

Elaborate Bytes (Freeware)

DVD Region Killer is an application that was developed to allow users to play DVDs that have been made for different regions. DVDs made for viewing in certain regions may not be played in other regions because these have been created using a different code. DVDs do not make use of a standard code that allows them to be played on any player, but with this application, users can watch region-coded DVDs on their computers. This application eliminates the need for changing the region that has already been set in the computer’s video player and the operating system, and switching it back to the default.

One of the key features of DVD Region Killer is its ability to remove forced subtitles, allowing users to watch DVD movies in the original language. Another feature is its small file size. This utility is unobtrusive; it resides in the computer’s system tray after it is installed. It has no graphical user interface but it has a menu that can be accessed by right-clicking the program icon on the system tray. When starting up the program, it is recommended to select the option for checking the drive regions to command the program to verify the region settings. This application is used together with DVD-ROM drives that have no built-in region protection.

DVD Region Killer has been discontinued by the developer, Elaborate Bytes AG.