DVD Region-Free

Fengtao Software Inc. (Freeware)

DVD Region-Free is a DVD tool that allows users to copy and watch DVD movies that are CSS-encrypted or region-coded by removing the copyright of the DVD movies. The application supports all region-protected DVD drives. It works silently in the background, automatically removing the copyright after setting the configurations on the application’s user interface. The program also works even if the region counter has been used up and changing the region of the DVD drive is no longer possible.

Here are other features/functions available in DVD Region-Free:

• Removing UOPs, or user operation prohibitions from DVD movies allowing users to hide forced subtitles, change soundtracks, prevent autorun of software, remove structure protection, and more.
• Removing RCE or region code enhancements from DVD movies
• Removing DVD’s analog copy protection
• Enabling region-coded DVDs to be watched in various DVD player software

The program’s interface is clear-cut. It consists of five sections – General, Region + CSS, Audio CD, Program, and Add-Ons. The interface allows users to configure different aspects of the region-coded and CSS-encrypted DVDs as well as other features of the program. The General section includes language settings, default DVD drive settings, and startup settings. The Region+CSS section is where the region-coded and CSS-encryption settings are available. The Audio CD section allows users to play, rip, and copy protected Audio CDs while the Program section is where users add and remove supported DVD programs. The Add-Ons section offers settings for APS, Operation Free, Direct Play, and AutoRun.