Pixbyte Development SL (Shareware)

DVD-Ranger is a DVD converter and copier tool developed by Pixbyte Development SL. It is also considered as an all-in-one DVD utility as it provides other tools for performing various DVD functions. The program is specifically designed to create digital copies of DVDs and Blu-Rays mainly for backup.

DVD-Ranger offers an intuitive and straightforward interface. It is composed of six main areas – Source Selection, Target Selection, Video Content List, Project Selection, Video Information, and Preview. The Source Selection is where users choose the source ISO image, DVD, or Blu-Ray files. The Target Selection is where the output file is to be saved while the Project Selection provides the available project types. Users can also preview or check individual titles via the Preview button and the Video Information provides details of the chosen title.

The application provides three types of output selections – BD/DVD Player, TV/Pad/Tablet/Xbox/PS3/Mobile, and Custom Profiles. The BD/DVD Player tab is used for transcoding processes. While the TV/Pad/Tablet/Xbox/PS3/Mobile tabs are for ripping DVDs/Blu-Rays to a video file or converting video files to other formats. Users can also create their own custom profiles. However, Custom Profiles are for ripping BD/DVD and converting video files only. Aside from these main functions, DVD-Ranger also features a YouTube Downloader for downloading videos from YouTube and the Start Cloud Uploader for copying, uploading, sharing, and watching videos into a personal Cloud.