DVD Power Burner

Tradetouch, Inc. (Shareware)

DVD Power Burner is a multi-featured burner program that is easy to use and requires little disc space. This program is designed to burn CDs and DVDs. This program creates bootable discs quickly using the Burning Wizard. Additionally, this application supports RAW Write functionality as well as multiple CD/DVD ripping. The music discs created can be played on a CD player, DVD player, car player, or laptop.

DVD Power Burner by Tradetouch, Inc. is a flexible tool with a multi-section writing mode. The available modes are Audio Disc, Mixed Mode Disc, and Data Disc. Users of this utility ca also save data manually or automatically. This application is capable of copying files from a computer to a CD or DVD for permanent storage.

One additional function of DVD Power Burner is the creation of audio discs without the use of an additional conversion program. This powerful burner extracts the audio tracks, and then converts and compresses them into the desired file format. Some of the supported formats are MP4, APE, OGG, and MP3.

To summarize, this versatile program has many useful functions, including creation of audio CDs as well as CDs/DVDs of image files, ripping music CDS to WAV or MP3 format, backing up of CDs, packet writing, and composing of DVDs and video CDs.