DVD PixPlay 7.05

Xequte Software (Shareware)

DVD PixPlay is an application primarily used for creating slideshow presentations or videos from photos and videos that are saved in the computer. First-time users will not have a problem with the application because a program wizard is ready to assist with the step-by-step process of creating presentations. To begin creating a slideshow, the user simply needs to add pictures and videos to the program’s interface. Media files are added by either using the file browser menu or the program’s drag and drop function. After the presentation is created, it can be saved in the preferred folder and viewed on popular applications such as Windows Media Player.

Users can view slideshow properties such as image motion and music as well as details like duration and file count. Transition effects such as page flip, wipes, cross fade, and slides can be added. Users have the option to go with the soundtrack of the selected videos or upload a different audio track as background music. The audio track can be a song, a mash-up of sound effects, or a recorded commentary. The program also lets users add titles and captions to the slideshow. A preview option is available so the user can check the slideshow and make the necessary changes before finalizing it for saving and burning.