DVD Gold 2011

DVD Gold 2011 (Shareware)

DVD Gold 2011 is a program from DVD gold that is intended for the compression of original DVD formats into media file types that can be recorded. Essentially, it functions to backup DVD discs and make copies of DVD movies. The resulting outputs can be saved on the computer hard drive. The created ISO file can then be burned to another disc if the user wants to make additional copies. This is an application that can be used on any system anytime so that the user can watch an original DVD film on the computer monitor instead of using a DVD player.

This utility implements a decryption program that gives is access to decrypted DVD files. In this way, the movie can be copied. There are many advantages to using DVD Gold. One of the main advantages of this utility is that it is capable of reducing the size of the original DVD movie. Another advantage offered by DVD Gold 2011 to users is that is poses no compatibility problems to the user.

DVD Gold 2011 may be used in conjunction with the user’s choice of DVD burning program. It may also be used with a built-in software for the creation of DVD copies. In addition, this utility is also designed to delete extra content to reduce file size, and re-encode the file in high quality format.