DVD Decrypter

LIGHTNING UK! (Freeware)

DVD Decrypter is a DVD ripper application developed by Lightning UK!. It is used for creating backup disk images of DVD’s DVD-Video structure. The DVD Decrypter program can image almost any DVD. But, its main use is for decrypting copy protected DVDs. Recording images to disks is also possible using this program. The program requires an ASPI layer installed in the computer. The DVD Decrypter application is also considered as Content Scrambling System decrypting software. It can be used for removing Macrovision content protection, region codes, and CSS.

The DVD Decrypter application offers three modes of operation – ISO, IFO, and File. The File mode handles the VOB files individually. By default, the File mode selects the main VOB file and its associate IFO file. You can add more files by clicking on them. The File mode offers several configuration settings, such as changing the destination path clock. Users can also choose to begin the decrypting right away or decrypting from a selected PGC. It also offers a Stream Processing menu that can be used for selecting which streams are to be ripped. Remapping streams is also possible.

The IFO mode allows IFO parsing. Available options for the IFO mode include a PGC list and Chapter list. Like the File mode, it also has a Stream Processing menu that allows users to enable stream processing. The ISO mode allows users to create and write images, one mode for each task (writing or reading). The ISO mode offers a Write Speed setting allowing the configuration of write speed. The program also has a log that provides the list of tasks that the program does. It can be used for identifying possible issues after a decrypting task.