DVD Cutter Plus

A Software Plus (Freeware)

DVD Cutter Plus is a DVD editing tool developed by A Software Plus and released on November 2009. The program is a freeware program that enables users to cut DVD video files into two or more DVD files. Cut files retain the same quality of the original DVD file. Cut files may be deleted or removed, in effect trimming the video file.

DVD Cutter Plus features a grey and blue classic user interface. Three buttons line the top panel that enables users to set the start and end times to cut the video. The three buttons are Mark Start, Mark End, and Play Selected. Three input boxes under each button, allows users to type in the timestamps corresponding to the start and end times. A Preview box displays the current video. This enables users to check the correct time stamps in the clip. Users can scan the clip using the film slider at the bottom of the window. Playback buttons are located at the bottom. These buttons include Pause, Play, and Stop. Users can open videos using the Open button. Upon making the edit, users can save the output video by clicking the Save button. Users can modify the output folder path. A status bar sits at the bottom to show the save progress for the DVD file. Users may also visit the developer’s website by clicking the Website button.