DVD cutter

AIV software (Freeware)

DVD cutter is a light freeware used for cutting and saving clips from DVD movies and turning these into separate files. It is designed to rip or cut scenes and save them as video clips. It also has the capacity to extract songs from a DVD and turn them into audio files. DVD Cutter is an easy-to-navigate application that easily extracts passages and parts of a VOB format movie. It comes with an intuitive and minimalist interface that displays all processes, input, output, and commands in a conventional windows-type fashion for easy access and identification.

The program can act both as a DVD player as well as a VOB editor. Users can cut video files by specifying the start and end parameters of the clip to be extracted. The ripped selection is then, by default, saved as a standalone VOB file. DVD cutter has a preview feature that informs users as to the total length of their selected clip before exporting it as a segment, in addition to displaying other relevant data. In preview mode, users are provided with standard controls to check and browse through the length of the segment. Play, Pause, and Stop buttons can be used to navigate through the entire clip. Meanwhile, a Replay button is present so that users can re-check the extracted file within the main panel of the software, either in full-screen or window mode. Generated output is saved as a VOB file.