DVD Cover Searcher 3.5.0

CheapShareware (Shareware)

DVD Cover Searcher is a piece of software that aids its users when it comes to the search for various CD and DVD covers. This is a Windows based program that can also be used on other platforms. With the help of the Internet, the program searches different archives to locate specific CD and DVD covers and labels.

Released by CheapShareware, DVD Cover Searcher provides its users with the ability to find covers for their CDs and DVDs. The interface is simple. The user simply has to enter a particular band or song and then the program will launch a search for all available cover data. Aside from music album covers, the program also works with game and application covers. It is compatible with different types of media including DVD videos, CD audio, and PC or console games.

The program user can search for front covers, back covers, and even inlays when available. It is also possible for the program to run specific searches on disc labels.  DVD Cover Searcher, apart from helping people find labels for their discs, also offers features that include flexible date searching. Since cover archives are regularly updated, users can check for new available covers every now and then by simply entering a search time period. There is also a calendar function. When a particular date is chosen, the program will generate all covers that have been added to the system on that date.