DVD-Cover Printmaster

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DVD-Cover Printmaster is an application primarily used to create DVD covers. It can resize any image to the size necessary for standard DVD and CD covers.

To use the program, an image file is first uploaded into the interface by the user. This is possible through the program's file browser menu. The user can then add text, effects, and other enhancements into the image, which will be used as the DVD's cover. Through the "edit cover" pane, the user can modify said covers. This is where the image's height, name, and font are all specified. The size of the print, as well as the margins, can be configured in the "page setup" pane. A wide text box just below the interface contains instructions on how to use the software. If there is no image that can be uploaded to the program, the user can make use of default images found in the program itself. Images can be dragged and dropped onto each other, creating a collage or a gallery-type DVD cover. Templates are already provided for popular DVD utilities, like the cover, the DVD inlay, and even zip labels. During the cover creation process, the user can preview the output cover through the application's "preview mode". After that, the user can finally print the created DVD cover.