DVD Copy Application

BlazeVideo,Inc. (Shareware)

DVD Copy Application is a DVD ripping and copying tool created by BlazeVideo, Inc. allowing its users to convert or backup their DVD files with ease. This is a program that works even with copy-protected DVD data. Users can easily make copies of original DVDs and save them on blank DVDs. The copied files can also be stored on a hard drive or on other external devices. Aside from the speedy copying and converting processes, the program is also able to remove and protective layers without any hassle. The copied files are region-free, making these easier to view and store on various devices. Users have the ability to customize the copies, with the possibility of removing data like subtitles, chapter selections, and so on. Files copied using the DVD Copy Application program can be saved under varying file formats as well.

There are plenty of advantages to the DVD Copy Application program. Its primary purpose is to make duplicates of DVD files, but it can also be used to make ISO versions of the copied data. The program also allows users to rip DVD data content and make these viewable on various devices. This is possible because of the multi-format conversion capabilities of the software. It can easily remove any copy protection layers on original DVDs and provide users with the ability to edit the features that are copied onto other drives or disks.