DVD Catalyst 4

Tools4Movies (Shareware)

DVD Catalyst is a video and DVD conversion program that creates videos for most portable and mobile devices (phones and other portable players).  The interface allows the user to quickly watch movies, TV series , and other video clips wherever they are. The program converts DVDs including most video files as DivX, XviD, AVI, TiVo, MP4, MKV, and MPEG without the need for installation of additional software or codecs. It has different profiles (almost 600) that can be applied on video-capable devices with configurations to create files for unlisted devices. It allows for adjustments to tweak video playback according to the user’s tastes. The program uses scene information from the DVD and supports scene selection in MP4. It also supports Batch and Black bar removal.

DVD Catalyst 4 converts a DVD into the user’s portable media player in one click, without first ripping the content to the hard disk. It converts multiple original movies, TV DVDs (including ISOs), and other multiple video files in a single action. The program uses its own conversion engine without the need for any additional utility program to be installed. With its multi-CPU and multi-core support, the program uses the computer’s full capacity for faster conversions. The program can run on safe mode for new users and on power user mode for experienced users.