DVD Audio Ripper 3.6.9

Kingdia (Shareware)

Kingdia DVD Audio Ripper is an application primarily used for ripping audio in DVDs and videos for easier transfer, storage, and management. Audio extracted from the DVD can be converted into popular audio formats like MP3 and WAV. When audio is ripped from the DVD disc and converted to MP3, it can then be played back via multimedia software like Windows Media Player. It can also be transferred to portable devices like the iPod and iPad.

To use the program, the user must first load the file into the interface. This can be done through the file browser menu. When the menu opens, the user locates the folder where the DVD can be found. When the DVD is imported, the file's duration, source, and other data can be viewed by the user. It is also during this stage where the output audio format (MP3 or WAV) and the output folder where the file will be saved can be selected. The program also supports batch processing. This means multiple files can be uploaded into the software and then converted one by one. The software has a number of practical custom options, such as those that can be configured to close the program after all the files on queue have been converted.