DVD Architect Pro

Sony Creative Software Inc. (Shareware)

DVD Architect Pro, also called Vegas Pro, is a DVD and Blu-ray disc authoring application from Sony. The program is used for creating movies, pictures, slideshows, and other media projects. DVD Architect Pro is used both by beginners and advanced computer users. It consists of backgrounds, menus, effects, and buttons that users can choose from. In addition, the program also comes with 36 HD (high definition) menu templates that can be used for creating menus for high definition movies.

After completing the project, users can see a preview of the menu and how it will look like on a television screen. This is possible with the virtual remote control that comes with the application. The buttons in the remote control enables users to see if there are changes that need to be made on the project.

Other features of the program are the following:
• Export chapter markers and subtitles
• Support for parental control
• Buttons on video
• Keyframes and transformation
• Support for DVD scripting

DVD Architect Pro supports a wide variety of audio and video formats including MPEG-1 and 2, AVCHD, AVI, etc. This ensures that the DVD or Blu-ray disc is compatible with most DVD or Blu-ray disc players.