DVBViewer WebInterface

CM&V Hackbart (Shareware)

DVBViewer is an application for viewing television shows and movies on the computer. With the TV Tuner, it can enable the computer to be the platform for viewing videos, listening to music, and looking for pictures. It is the first application that supports HD in Windows. It is also compatible with tuner cards and also has a driver interface which is designed to capture videos. The software can support streaming of digital television shows and radio programs. Furthermore it can record videos. Recorded videos may be edited and then shared to others.

DVBViewer features a library of advanced features such as the presence of an Electronic Programming guide and support for remote control. This means the user doesn't have to perform any action with the computer when operating this software. Additionally, the program can handle two or more DVB devices simultaneously. Plug-ins can be installed. The program's skin can also be customized.

The program runs in the background. This means recording can take place even without the program's window being displayed on the computer screen. If the required codec is installed, the program can run any type of media file. Contents such as RSS and the day's weather can also be viewed through DVB Viewer.