DVBViewer Pro

CM&V Hackbart (Shareware)

DVB Viewer Pro is a program that enables users to view and record DVB or Digital Video Broadcasting as well as Radio media content. This program also allows users to view music, video, and image files using a TV tuner card and a built-in media center. DVB Viewer Pro provides radio and television functions in the user’s computer and even supports live streaming, normal quality TV, as well as High Definition (HD) TV. DVB Viewer Pro provides a number of features such as remote control support, electronic program guide or EPG, teletext, on-screen display, time shifting, and picture-in-picture support. This program also supports Hauppauge MediaMVP, DiSEqC, Unicable, and CI modules for providing program transmission for different handheld devices such as Apple iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users may also select different viewing modes. DVB Viewer Pro allows resizable window mode, normal full screen, and borderless full screen. Users are also provided with hotkeys used in executing actions in the program.

DVB Viewer Pro features a simple user interface with features similar to commercial media players. The program interface has two main parts. The first part contains the main control buttons that execute actions within the program. These buttons allow users to open, play, pause, stop, toggle volume, toggle full screen and window mode, and import subtitles. The large area of the program window is where users may watch the selected media. This space also provides a menu where users may select between movies, music, photos, video, TV, and radio.