DVB Dream 2.4b (Shareware)

DVB Dream is a DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) player. It was specifically designed to assist the Digital Video Broadcasting Project. The program serves as a digital TV cards viewer. It provides support for almost all video formats as well as standard DVB-C, DVB-S, and DVB-T TV cards. Aside from being a viewer, the application can also be used to record movies then store recorded movies in all supported formats. Users can also extend the program’s functionality by installing plug-ins.  

The program’s installation process includes a pre-configuration process, which lets users set up different aspects of the program such as the satellite to be used and more. DVB Dream’s interface is intuitive offering basic and advanced configuration options. Majority of the interface’s area is the video window where videos are played. Users can access commonly used buttons at the top area of the interface while the left area provides a list of channels. This area can be positioned at the right-side area of the interface as well. Users can view information about the channel being watched at the bottom area of the interface. Certain aspects of the program such as modules, tools, analysis, and plug-ins can be accessed through the menus found at the top-most area of the interface. Aside from this, DVB Dream also offers theme support, multi-monitor support, internal graph building, command-line support, and network search, among others.