Delta Virtual Airlines (Shareware)

DVA ACARS by Delta Virtual Airlines is a customized and advanced program developed and used by Delta Airlines so that all their modern aircraft in operation can communicate with dispatchers and vice-versa. This communications system is also intended for the use of virtual airlines for tracking flight data and for automatic flight report filing. The data from ACARS is exceptionally accurate so much so that this is the preferred data used for grading all the checked rides.

ACARS stands for Aircraft Communication and Reporting System. This program stands out because of its focus on the communication aspect of the whole process instead of just the reporting aspect of it. The fourth edition was released in 2008.

With the help of Google Maps, the ACARS map is a live one that showcases aircraft positions. Flight reports that are logged into ACARS are presented throughout the entire flight. With this utility, Delta pilots are given the opportunity to exchange communications with other Delta Virtual pilots in real time. At the same time they can exchange critical navigational data with the DAFIF database.

Aside from the map that shows planes on the ground, climbing, descending or cruising at the assigned altitude, there are more useful functions available. This program has more indispensable visual features such as the presentation of the flight plan, flight progress, and flight data. The dispatcher status is provided as well. Pilots who are flying on the VATSIM online network can tune in to the voice channels and with Delta’s own private channel.