Duroscop (Freeware)

Duroscop is an online television streaming program that caters to viewers in the Czech Republic. This is a downloadable application that is free to use and it allows its patrons to watch local television programs using their computers. This application is also compatible with various mobile devices including laptops and tablets. For the application to work, the user should be connected to the Internet, and a stable link should be established for continuous streaming to be enjoyed.

Although Duroscop is a free program which can be accessed from anywhere in the world, its origins in the Czech Republic only allow for limited access in external territories. Depending on the Internet link, streaming options may vary from area to area. Locally, it is one of the pioneers in television streaming and this is why it is being offered free for now. As the number of patrons grows, there are plans to adopt various subscription plans, which will not only improve the service locally but make it available on a global scale.

Duroscop is easy to install and can be launched to begin streaming local Czech television programs. Compatible with various operating systems, performance is seen at best when the program is run on desktop and laptop computer systems compared to tablets and other mobile devices.