Duplicate Music Files Finder

LC IBros Solutions (Freeware)

Duplicate Music Files Finder is a software program developed by LC IBros Solutions that enables users to locate music file duplicates and delete them. This gave users the option to keep them, transfer them to a different folder, or delete them altogether. Whatever the choice is, the user ends up with more disk space, which can be used for other purposes. Before the search for duplicates starts, the user will have to configure the application in the Comparison mode. First-time users can refer to the detailed help manual that comes with the program. There is a variety of search methods for locating duplicate files that includes a file name-based search, file size-based, and advanced matching, which requires more customization. As soon as the user picks out the folder to be scanned, the program continues and completes the task within a few seconds after which the user needs to decide whether to keep the files or remove them.

Duplicate Music Files Finder also offers process shortcuts like Quick Rename File Tags and Quick Rename Music Files, which allow users to select a folder to be scanned and renamed instantly. The Options mode is another integral part of this program as it enables users to modify the settings of the previously mentioned commands.