Duplicate Finder

Ashisoft (Shareware)

Duplicate File Finder is a program developed by Ashisoft for finding duplicate files. It is capable of finding duplicate documents, music and videos. It offers different search options. The program can find for duplicate files on different search engines, which determine how the program compares the files. The available search engines in the program include Byte by Byte (File Name Similarity, Same Date Time and Same Extension), Same File Names, Music Duplicates and Non-Duplicate Unique Files. The Byte by Byte search engine is used for finding 100% duplicates.

The program is capable of searching for duplicate files from as many folders and drives. It is also possible to look for predefined types of files. This feature is available under the Filters tab. This tab offers different options such as File Mask, File Date Time, Date Range and File Size allowing users to modify the search. The Filter tab also provides options for protecting system folders and system files, including sub-folders and including hidden files and folders. It is also possible to exclude file types or folders during the search process. This can be done by adding the file types or folders on the Exclusions tab. Protecting folders or files detected by the program from accidental deletion through the Protected Folders feature. This functionality prevents deletion of the files found by the program. After the program finished searching, Duplicate File Finder provides an option to preview the detected duplicates. Users also have an option to mark all duplicates, all in selected folders or all in selected folders/sub-folders. Duplicate files can be deleted, moved, copied or renamed.