Duplicate File Finder

Auslogics (Freeware)

Duplicate File Finder is a program that scans the computer for files that are duplicated. The program was released in 2012. These include photos, documents, music, and other types of files. The application not only compares the file names of documents, but also their content. Upon launching, users specify which disk drives to check for duplicates. After the scan, a list of all the duplicated files is shown on the program’s window. It displays the file name, as well as the location of both files. Deleting the duplicate files can free up significant amount of space in the disk drive.

The Duplicate File Finder application utilizes the MD5 (Message-Digest Algorithm) search engine. This allows the program to scour the content of the files. Users can easily delete the files by checking the boxes beside them and clicking on the ‘Delete Selected Files’ button. The program can help in decreasing the time that it takes to defragment the hard disk by removing unnecessary files. This is also useful for managing a large collection of music, photos, and videos.

Other features of the Duplicate File Finder application are:
• Support for removable drives (USB flash drives, hard drives, etc.)
• Multilanguage support
• Completely free
• Simple to use interface