Duplicate File Detective 5.0.678

Key Metric Software, LLC. (Shareware)

Duplicate File Detective is a software application developed by Key Metric Software that enables users to track down duplicate files on their computer. Once these files are located, they can be moved, archived, or deleted altogether, which gives additional space to the hard drive, thereby increasing computer speed. The program can do a full scan of a computer, or just a partial scan wherein the user can choose the folders or drives to be searched. Duplicate File Detective’s SmartMark technology prevents users from deleting false duplicates as it presents all the identical files first, so that the user can select the duplicates himself. Searches can also be performed based on extension, file name, or size.

Duplicate File Detective has a simple and straightforward interface that offers users many options for their projects. The File Properties window is located just beneath the Search Paths and Exclusions window. Once the scanning process is done, this window will be filled with data about each file. Once the user clicks on any file on the list, the details of the file like the name, size, path, and creation date appear on the screen. Users can also customize the colors of the files, which are classified according to their attributes. For a basic project, users can click on the Project Wizard button, which launches a step-by-step guide to users on how to start a scan.