Duplicate Cleaner

DigitalVolcano (Freeware)

Duplicate Cleaner is a program that finds duplicate files in the computer. It is useful for managing and organizing the contents of the hard drive. The program is capable of detecting duplicate audio files, images, videos, office documents, and text files. The program’s main window consists of four main tabs – Search Criteria, Scan Location, Duplicate Files, and Duplicate Folders. Search Criteria allows users to set the type of duplicate files to find. The options for searching can be done by file name, by similar file name, by creation date, or by modified date. There is also a section for setting search filters.

The Scan Location allows users to dictate where to search for the duplicate files. The search paths are shows on a small window and users can see the status for each path (included or excluded). Duplicate files that are found in the system can be accessed on the Duplicate Files tab. This tab shows the file names of the duplicate files, the path, size, date created, date modified, the file type, and other important information. The boxes beside the duplicate files can be checked to place them in the recycle bin. There is also an option to move or copy the files to a specific location.