Oleksandr 'TR' Roslov (Freeware)

The DupKiller application searches and removes duplicate files in the computer. The application makes use of advanced search mechanisms that can be customized. The program compares files according to name, modification date, and size. There is also an option to search for duplicate files according to content.

The application has a simple interface that contains a list of tasks buttons at the left hand side of the window. Some of the tasks are Scan Drives, Files and Folders, Exclusions, Search Settings, Statistics, List, and Removal. DupKiller also works with removable media, such as CD/DVD-ROMS, external hard drives, and USB sticks. Users can include locations in the exclusion list to prevent important files from accidentally being deleted from the system. The application also has a preview feature that allows users to see graphic and text files before deleting them.

Other features of the DupKiller application are the following:
• No nag screens or delays
• Delete files to recycle bin or from hard disk
• Fast search algorithm with wide variety of search options
• Support for plug-ins
• Automatic save for last search results

DupKiller provides a report of the statistics for the number of duplicate files and the amount of disk space taken by the duplicate files.