Dupehunter Professional for Unicode 9.6

Carsten Heidtke (Shareware)

Dupehunter Professional for Unicode is an application that enables users to easily locate, identify, and delete duplicated files on their computer or network. It is able to find duplicate files regardless of their filenames. By removing these files from the system, the user will be able to free up valuable space on the hard disk. This also eliminates the need for additional storage space such as external drives. This tool may also be used for making sure data in a network is secured; users will be able to see which files have duplicates in other computers and any unauthorized copies may be deleted accordingly.

This application has support for the following:
• File compression - Dupehunter Professional for Unicode can store up to one million files for each created archive.
• UTF-16 Unicode file names – the application also has support for Unicode file paths
• Expansive search – this tool can examine up to seven million files in a single search task
• Cleaning of critical data – this utility has the ability to sanitize important data to ensure file protection.

This program eliminates the need for manually looking for duplicate files, saving on time and power. One of the key features of Dupehunter is its ability to locate duplicate files using complex algorithms, so that even when duplicate files have different filenames, these will still be discovered.