Dungeon Defenders

Trendy Entertainment LLC (Shareware)

Dungeon Defenders is the tower defense video game the developer of which is Trendy Entertainment and published by Reverb Communications. It was initially released on October 19, 2011 for PC. Aside from its tower defense component, the game also features action RPG elements. The game is set in a location filled with fantasy wherein players control wizard and warrior trainees and fight packs of monsters.

One up to four players can play the game. The player’s main goal is to protect Eternia Crystals against hordes of monsters. The game features different game modes. The campaign mode offers a number of game levels that consist of about five waves of enemies. The campaign level features the RPG element of the game. There are also challenges in the game with some levels containing a boss battle. As a tower defense game, the player’s characters help defend Eternia Crystals by building, upgrading, and maintaining powers using their magical abilities. Range and melee attacks are also featured to help players destroy enemies directly. The game’s difficulty increases as the level goes up. At the easier levels, there is no time limit when preparing for a defense before monsters start destroying. However, defenses that the player can build/create are limited by the amount of mana the players have. As the game progresses, more mana can be obtained by opening chests or killing monsters.