Intelligent Games (Proprietary)

Dune 2000 is a computer strategy game where the main character has to bring peace to the land of Arrakis. In this game, the current emperor named Corrino has announced to the other houses that whichever house can produce the greatest amount of spice will be the one to control Dune, a planet completely covered with arid sands. As the emperor did not dictate the method/s to be used, the houses are free to do whatever is needed to attain the said goal. While this is happening, the emperor's concubine Elara initiates contact with the player's character.  According to Lady Elara, all but one future depicts the emperor succeeding in his endeavors. That one future depicts the commander staying alive and commanding a huge army that will bring peace and prosperity to the land.

There are three main factions in the game that can be played. As a strategy game, the player is presented with a map. On the map, each team will establish a base. On the base, the user builds structures, gathers resources, and trains units to attack the enemies. As with many other strategy games, the player must be able to completely wipe out the enemy's team to finish the level.