Duke Nukem - Manhattan Project


Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project is a platformer-type of video game that was first released in 2002. It is one of the many games in the Duke Nukem franchise. Set in New York City, Duke faces his archrival Proton whose experiment is turning humans into hideous creatures because of the slime called GLOPP. He must stop Proton and eradicate the hideous creatures.

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project features a 3D environment with 2.5D Gameplay. The camera can be zoomed in many angles. This feature is possible through the 3D engine called Prism3D. Duke can perform various movements like crouching, running, and jumping. The game has eight chapters with big environments to explore. The eight chapters are missions all set in New York City. Each one of these chapters has three parts. Most often, there is a “babe” that needs to be rescued in every chapter. There are 25 unique enemies to kill. Duke has access to nine powerful weapons like the Golden Eagle Pistol and Pipe Bomb. Regular weapons like the rocket launcher and the pulse cannon can be upgraded for more firepower.

Players can create and customize levels through the game’s 3D editor called “PrismED”. The customized levels can be shared with other players, too.