Duke Nukem - Manhattan Project (DEMO)

Sunstorm Interactive (Freeware)

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project is a platform game. In this game, players control the titular hero named Duke Nukem to defeat criminal scientist Mech Morphix, who has been planning to take over Manhattan Island in New York City and turn creatures like rats, boars, alligators, and cockroaches into deadly monsters. It is a side-scroller game and is also in 3D.

This game is divided into eight chapters with three parts each. The objective of the player is to find a save a girl who has a slime bomb strapped around her. After saving the girl, the player must get the keycard to unlock the next path.

In this game, there are ten hidden items called “Nukes” that can be found in all 8 chapters. If the player collects all of the Nukes, the player’s EGO (Health Meter) will increase as well as the ammo levels. Nukes can also give the players the following bonuses and powerups:

• The player’s Mighty Boot gains twice as much power
• If the Nukes are collected during the Normal difficulty level, Duke’s shirt will change into blue and it will cut the damage that the player gets in half.
• If all the hidden Nukes are collected during the Hard difficulty level, the player will be rewarded with an X-3000, which is considered as the game’s deadliest weapon.